GDS: Nov. 18 – Mini Encaustic Texture Class with Kim McGill Stuart

Encaustic texture workshops with Kim McGill Stuart. – Avondale Estates, GA


Mini Encaustic Texture Class “Winter Tree”

GDS2015-mini-texture-wax_002Wednesday, Nov 18
7-9:30 p.m.
Garage Door Studio

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Explore the touchable textural qualities of encaustic wax in this one-day holiday themed workshop led by local encaustic artist Kim McGill Stuart.

Students will use oil pigmented wax, water and fire to emulate textures from coral reefs to smooth surfaces like lake water at dusk. Embed or press objects into wax that are personal to your story. Items like charms, string, bottle-tops, branches work well. Use blow torches and carving tools to create various surface marks and undulations. Participants will learn how to enhance textures with oil paint washes and rubs.




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SPRUILL: Nov 12 – Encaustic Texture Class a Success!

Spruill Center for the Arts encaustic wax workshops and classes.–Dunwoody, GA


October 17 Class “Encaustic Fluctuations in Texture and Embedding” a Success!

Our new Encaustic Texture class in October at Spruill Center for the Arts was great! We focused on building texture with wax and embedding components into pieces during this one day workshop. It was so much fun, and I’m very proud of the student work created that day. I taught the accretion technique and the outcome was outstanding!

We will DEFINITELY be teaching this class again at Spruill Center for the Arts. Check our workshops site often for the next texture class and follow me on Facebook at Kim McGill Stuart Encaustic Artist for updates.

Thanks to our students for supporting the encaustic wax workshop program at Spruill. You support enables us to offer more classes and make more great art!