did you know that fire LOVES wax? it really does…

img_7176Kim McGill Stuart is an artist and experienced teacher focusing on the use of encaustic wax in 2D collage and some 3D pieces. She began blending encaustic wax, oil paint and blow torch to bring swirling visions of textures and color to life.

Multidimensional pieces that serve to both enhance their surroundings and intrigue the viewer with colors, shades textures and what exists beneath. Her more extensive background in assemblage and collage is what drew Kim to experimenting with encaustic wax and that hallmark is seen throughout the collection as well. A cancer survivor, Kim expresses some of the strong feelings of pain and struggle, loss and wisdom that resulted, (and are beyond words), through her beautiful colorful and striking pieces:

yellow-encausticI am moved with what my situation is at the moment…
do I feel good, am I feeling pain, am I soothed, am I stressed, is my future unknown(?) I find myself lost in the multiple layers of textures, strokes, marks, burnt spots, splotches and scratches. The nature of my obsession frees my imagination and provides many opportunities for happy accident and grace to influence the finished product. ~kim mcgill stuart

She has a Bachelor of Fine Art from the University of West Florida and has been featured in numerous shows and galleries in Florida and Georgia. She currently resides in a suburb of Atlanta, GA, and teaches a encaustic workshops at Spruill Center for the Arts in Dunwoody Georgia and frequently does private sessions and commissions.

new-gold-002Anyone who is unfamiliar with this encaustic wax medium needs to witness first-hand it’s fluidity and ever-changing nature, reminiscent of the process of life and, on a lighter note, the way warm butter melts on toast and then re-solidifies as it cools… into a totally new form than before yet hauntingly still the same substance.

…moved by all this waxy goodness.