SPRUILL: Dec. 9 – Encaustic Color Explorations Workshop

Encaustic Color Explorations with Kim McGill Stuart

Wednesday, Dec 9, 2015

10 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Spruill Center for the Arts

Dunwoody, GA


Live in COLOR, like Robin Williams in “What Dreams May Come” during this one day color workshop. Kim will guide students through the principles of color theory and the making of a color study. Next, students will gain understanding of color mixing and how color is used to create visual effects in your work. Finally, develop your very own personal encaustic color palette that is unique to you and your work.

Students will mix oil pigments in molten wax and compose a palette that helps deliver the artistic message of each piece. The translucent nature of the wax with the boldness of the oil pastels offers a plethora of color fun. Further exploration of analogous, complementary and monochromatic colors will demonstrate how color can bring your work to life!

Register online at Spruill Center for the Arts.


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