JUNE 5 :: 2nd Annual Student & Faculty Juried Exhibition at Spruill Center for the Arts

MAY.25.2014.  Accepted into the juried exhibition at Spruill Center for the Arts

2nd Annual Student & Faculty Juried Exhibition at Spruill Center for the Arts

EXHIBIT DATES: June 5-August 9, 2014
GALLERY HOURS: Tuesday – Saturday: 11 am – 6 pm

4681 Ashford Dunwoody Road


Lauren Bernazza, Program Director of Abernathy Art Center, Independent Curator

— Patrick Dennis, Founder and President of the AFFPS, Central figure in ATL’s Art Market scene, Gallery owner, artist

encaustic painting and mixed media

Sources of Pain, 24×24, Kim McGill Stuart



Renee Adams ▪ Rick Agel ▪ Sam Alexander ▪ Mahtab Alimadadi ▪ H. Gay Allen ▪ Anne Amin ▪ Ronald Arenson ▪ Karla Aromi ▪ Nancy Atzenhofer ▪ Chery Baird ▪ Jenny Baughman ▪ John Beadles ▪ Linda Beard ▪ Sandra Bennett ▪ Gerri Bishop Brooks ▪ Carol Brull ▪ Sharon Brusnahan ▪ Stephanie Caldwell ▪ Elizabeth Caperton ▪ Robert E. Cargill ▪ Jane Carroll ▪ Valerie Chitvanni ▪ Wanda Cox ▪ John Davis ▪ Cynthia Youngblood Dersch ▪ Jo-Ann Duvall ▪ Terry Jane England ▪ Maureen Engle ▪ Sally Evans ▪ Debbie Ezell ▪ Martha Fitzmier ▪ Carol Frederick ▪ Leslie Gassmann ▪ Lewis Gruskin ▪ Joanne M. Hernandez ▪ Nancy Honea ▪ Ken Horvath ▪ Terri Senoff Jacobson ▪ Barbara Jarabek ▪ Denise Jennings ▪ Jung Johnson ▪ Mary T. Jones ▪ Renee Karchmer ▪ Margery Kellar ▪ Thomas Key ▪ Marilyn Kleinhans ▪ Dina Lagun ▪ Kevin Lenahan ▪ Jennifer Lewis ▪ Keok B. Lim ▪ Bill Little ▪ Jenny London ▪ Summer Lowe ▪ Julie Marshall ▪ Greta Mattingly ▪ Julie Mazzoni ▪ Nancy Moseley ▪ Tracy Nadel ▪ Anthony Nealy ▪ Sandra Nissen ▪ Gail Novak ▪ Rene Orlin ▪ Donna Orti ▪ Janis Patterson ▪ Suzanne Patterson ▪ Paula Peterson ▪ Mary Pettignano ▪ Katie Phillips ▪ Susan Pillans ▪ Lucy Pittman ▪ Lois Plotkin ▪ Kathleen Radler ▪ Anne Rambo ▪ Alison Richards ▪ Deeann Rieves ▪ Barbara Riordan ▪ Sherry Robinson ▪ Marcel Rosenbaum ▪ Emmie Ruff ▪ Susan Saul ▪ Jan Schefstad ▪ David Shelton ▪ Hyun Chan Shin▪ Jennifer Slavik ▪ Randy Stephens ▪ Carol Street ▪ Kim McGill Stuart ▪ Linda Suskin ▪ Pam Summers ▪Lynda Talmadge ▪ Mary Jo Tan ▪ Kelly Thames ▪ Prisca Tirtawidjaja ▪ Penny Treese ▪ Lucinda Vogelei ▪ Michele Walsh ▪ Kathy Walton ▪ Joan Weiss ▪ Sharon Weiss ▪ Bette Whitley ▪ Yvonne Wilhelmi ▪ Fahmida Yasin


Student Works from Spruill Center for the Arts : May 16 Workshop with Penny Treese

MAY.16.2014. Creative results to a great class! Teaching Basic To Unique Techniques in Encaustic Painting

Taught by Penny Treese and co-teacher, Kim McGill Stuart.  We covered encaustic wax and oil pigment palette development, using a blow torch, creating textures with found objects, scrapping, scratching and water.  Masking with cardboard.  Tupernoid and oil wash.


See more:  https://www.pinterest.com/pennytreese/1-day-encaustic-workshop-student-works/

Run! Go! Sign up for an encaustic wax workshop today!

Paint Love Volunteer Day at Kate’s Club

MAY.4.2014. Teens who have faced loss exploring strong emotions through color and creativity

Myself and Penny Treese volunteered our creative abilities in wax on behalf of Paint Love for the benefit of the kids at Kate’s Club today.  The theme of the day was:

“I’m fine: leave me alone or am I?”
[avoiding loneliness and isolation, supporting one another]

Our mission to encourage these kids to explore their emotions through two different projects with melting wax.

I was in charge of exploring emotions through color selection/palette using the method of melting crayons on canvas with heat gun.  Penny shared her expertise of exploring emotions through writing down feelings, burning them then creating a work of art from those charred thoughts and molten beeswax.  It was a great day, the kids were amazing and open 100% to the experience of exploring their loss through creation.   Some even discussed their loss—so moving.

READ MORE @ Paint Love:
Kate’s Club Art Day: Empowering Teens Who Have Faced Loss 

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Explore Your Emotions Through Color

Explore Your Emotions Through Color

Burn Away Negative Emotions

Burn Away Negative Emotions